Spencer Brown, Jaytech, and Kevin Saunderson are August’s Electro Deep Cuts

Detroit DJ Kevin Saunderson revisits his seminal album, Heavenly nearly 20 years after its original release.

Take me to another place – Deep Cuts August 2017 (Electro Edition)

By Damian Rodriguez

Deep Cuts – the best in new tunes to invigorate and inspire your runs.

Take me to a place where Fantasy is pure and reality is a far away memory

I wish we lived in a perfect world where we could live out our fantasies without the harsh come down of reality. For example, when I listen to the new single by Spencer Brown, “Embarcadero,” I imagine driving down the coast on a sunny afternoon in a convertible, enjoying everything life has to offer. Never mind that if I actually tried to live out this fantasy it would be tempered by the harsh reality of seaside traffic congestion, a wicked sunburn from the convertible, and the fact that trips to the sea are inevitably followed by Mondays back at your shitty job doing the same old shitty thing.

But the escapism that a song like “Embarcadero” offers us, if only for four minutes and thirteen seconds, is a brief respite, a mental vacation, from the tedium of the everyday. A chance to slip away from slogging along on the treadmill while being surrounded by douchebags, divas, and weirdos. A chance to be transported away from the stop and go of urban traffic on the way to the job you hate, but are to scarred to leave because it pays the bills-barely.

With its pulsing tempo, tropical rhythm, and excellently engineered energy, “Embarcadero” gives listeners a chance to leave the shit behind and enter a fantasy space in their mind where the air is fresh, the skies are clear, traffic is non-existent, your body is slim and fit, the sun doesn’t burn, and the future is always full of hope and possibilities. This song is an excellent song to kick off your recovery run playlist because it is airy, lite, and free. You can move at your own pace, and be content with just being. Like that fantasy world described above; you have no pressure, no inhibitions, only recovery run fantasies(probably something to do with food.)

Duke’s own – Spencer Brown. GO BLUE DEVILS!!!

Take me to a place my brain imagines, but my heart wishes was real

In the same way that “Embarcadero” transports listeners to a tropical paradise, Jaytech’s “Boss Fight” takes listeners to a futuristic world were technology and nature have merged together to create a wonderful utopia of enlightenment and serenity.

Jaytech living his best life.

Jaytech creates the sonic imagery of a bustling city with sirens screeching in the background and many hustling feet in the foreground. I see and hear a vast city where the advancements of science and technology have created a quality of life free of the ignorance and hatred that plagues our modern day lives. This new found enlightenment creates a place where nature and spirituality can harmoniously be integrated into everyday existence with petulant contradictions or ostensible hypocrisy.

This song’s evocative imagery makes the listener question what kind of future is in store for us. Will we continue to live in a world where fear and hate dictate how people live their lives, or will we as a people embrace that which has advanced our society thus far? A combination of intellectual curiosity and a reverence for the spiritual eternal; not one or the other, but a union of the two. I like this song for hill climbs or any difficult task that requires a finessed persistent effort to be successful. This song has a a great feel and beat to get you locked in to climb that steady incline hill or hit those mile repeats like a metronome!

Take me to a place where I can have fun without constraint

P.S. this is what comes up if you Google: Circus of Wonderment

Have you ever wanted to go to a circus without creepy clowns, dirty facilities, and the whole cruelty to animals thing? Like a Cirque du Soleil without the weird French/Canadian vibe. If so let me introduce you to the soundtrack of that land of mystic and wonder:“Banjo” by Detroit artist Kevin Saunderson.

Kevin Saunderson does a wonderful job creating hypnotic rhythms and knocking beats in “Banjo”, but the entire Heavenly album is fire. When listening to “Banjo” I slip into a world of wonder, where sleight of hand and tricks of the mind leave you bewildered and giddy. I imagine a night and a place where anything is possible; be it a club, a gym, or out in nature, no matter where you listen to “Banjo” anything is possible. Except the use of banjos, I heard absolutely zero banjos in this song, and I am ok with that. This song falls into the trippy recovery songs playlist type of songs. A song that pumps you up, but no overly pumped up where you are running hard on recovery days and doing yourself more harm than good. It is the perfect mix of chill and energy which is why it rounds out this month’s electro Deep Cuts list.

That’s a wrap!

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